In today’s organizations, business agility has become a single-most critically important goal to achieve and maintain. Our transformational coaching services in the area of agility cover all layers of the organizations. Right from the executive leadership to individual contributors, we work closely and provide hand-holding in their journey towards agility.

Organizational Maturity Assessment for Agility

To achieve any transformation, it is absolutely essential to understand the as-is state before embarking upon the journey to agility. We have developed a variety of questionnaires to assess where the organization stands to start with. Using the results from this assessment combined with organizations aspirations, we develop a roadmap and chalk out steps to reach next levels of maturity.

Implementing Agile processes

Agile is an umbrella term which encompasses multiple methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and Lean. Every organization needs a custom combination of these techniques to bring in the desired level of success. Starting with a training in basic methodologies, tools and processes, we work with the teams to demonstrate how to implement the selected methodology. Once the team develops the confidence, we allow them to take over and observe how the teams and key role-holders use the learning. We coach the management, key role-holders and the team based on the observations and help them improve. This “Train-Demonstrate-Observe-Improve” model has proven to be effective to bring in a shift in mindset and provide tools and resources to sustain the transformation for extended period of time.

Scaling and transforming large enterprise teams

Enterprises have already accepted that the agile way of working is what will help them grow and thrive. Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprises (SAFe) is the leading framework to enable such a large-scale transformation in the organizations all over the world. Having a credential of SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and hands-on experience of SAFe implementation for the large teams (400+ members), we offer SAFe Transformational Coaching services to the enterprises. Some of our key clients include Cisco Systems and PG&E (California’s largest utility company).